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Executive Approval in 60 Seconds

Apply the Three Levels of Leadership Communication™ when you want results—fast.

I met Janice, a copy center manager for a large corporation, a few years ago when I taught presentation skills at a local college. She was extremely nervous about an upcoming presentation she planned to deliver to request new equipment.

Her challenge was how to make her request urgent and real to a group of executives who:When you need to get leadership results--fast.

  • Scrutinized every request before approving a penny.
  • Took the services her team provided for granted.

As Janet planned her presentation, she applied the Three Levels of Leadership Communication™. She knew that she needed these leaders to understand that the main copy machine they relied upon for all of their copy needs was on its last legs. She knew that she wanted them to feel the same pain her staff was feeling as they tried to do their jobs in spite of the faulty machine. And, she knew exactly what she wanted them to do–approve her request on the spot–something that rarely, if ever happened.

On the day of her presentation, she walked to the front of the room and placed a small tape recorder on the table. She turned, faced the executives, and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to speak with them. Without saying another word, she pushed play. A loud, clanking, cajunking noise filled the room.

Janet stood there and waited. After about 5 seconds, the leaders started looking around the room at each other. The noise was unpleasant. Janet didn’t move. After another 10 seconds, the leaders started shifting in their seats. The noise was becoming unbearable. Janet reached over and punched the off button.

“This is what my team listens to eight hours every day, five days a week. It’s just a matter of time before our main copy machine is completely inoperable, and we are unable to meet your needs. I’m here today to ask you for the funds to replace the machine as soon as possible.”

The CEO asked her how much she needed. She told him. He turned to the group and asked if anyone disagreed that replacing this machine was a priority. No one did, and Janet got her capital request filled more quickly than anyone else in the history of the company.

The Three Levels of Leadership Communication™ model will help you get the results you want too. Contact me for your personal copy of the model. The process works on a micro level to get results with clients, senior leaders, peers, or direct reports and on a macro level to create organizational change.

What creative communication techniques have you used to get results? I’d love to hear about them!

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