Leader Endorsements

Here are some endorsements from leaders who have worked with me:

Organizational change and strategy

“Sher is an accomplished professional whose skills in change management, facilitation, and training enable her to help clients solve their leadership development, organizational systems and stakeholder engagement challenges in creative and effective ways.”  Deb Unke, Worldwide Partner, Mercer HR Consulting

“Sher is uniquely gifted in her ability to manage complex timelines while producing final outcomes that generally exceed objectives. She is always professional, able to bring out the best in others and easily interfaces with the organization at all levels.”  Ron Raup, CEO, MakeMusic

“After we decided to reposition ourselves in the marketplace, Sher helped us translate our strategy and approach for all of our stakeholders. The actions we took greatly contributed to our success in the marketplace.”  Steve Carter, Executive VP & CFO, Woodward

“Sher’s process has united our leadership, produced a discernible shift in attitudes and provided a method for communicating in a clear and consistent way.”  Tom Kopatz, Field Leader, Thrivent Financial

“Sher is both talented and experienced. Her strategy and planning skills are exceptional. Listening well and then taking that information to the next level is a natural part of Sher’s process. She is able to use these talents to accomplish incredible things because she has the experience to know where to spend the most time and what will bring the greatest return.

Sher is a driver. She digs in and produces work of the highest quality and does so at an impressive rate of speed. She is hard working and results-oriented and at the end of the day has produced work that brings an organization to a higher level and produces results that make the largest difference.”  Dan Massoth, Vice President, MakeMusic

Leadership coaching and training

“One of the things I really appreciate is Sher’s skill and creativity in helping leaders translate complex concepts for employees to gain not only understanding, but also their commitment and follow-through.”  Michelle Ingersoll, Director, Allianz Life

“I had more comments from people than I’ve ever had before at a sales conference. Most said words to the effect, “your best speech ever.”  Bruce Nicholson, Chairman, President, and CEO, Thrivent Financial

“Sher helped me focus my passion for helping others into an organized, productive process that will grow my business.”  Rachel McDonough, Certified Financial Planner, Raymond James

“Sher is wonderful at helping people recognize and achieve their full potential. She offers keen insight and inspires leaders to develop an effective personal communication style that augments their ability to lead. Her concepts and presentation skills are outstanding.”  Vicki Spielman, Manager, Thrivent Financial

“Sher is innovative! Her strength is the uncanny ability to courageously embrace the mishmash, then form, create and connect processes and people. Integrity and commitment to personal accountability are Sher’s bedrock characteristics.”  Kristen Ballum, Project Manager, Thrivent Financial

Speeches, scripts, presentations, and events

“Sher, just wanted you to know that the speech was fantastic—standing ovation, no less! I had more energy, more emotion. It showed and the audience responded. Thanks for your help.”  Bruce Nicholson, Chairman, President, and CEO, Thrivent Financial

“Sher has a gift for quickly understanding a client’s business issues and facilitating team meetings that result in specific actions and outcomes to drive the business.”  Location manager, Mercer, World-Wide Consulting

“Sher is especially proficient at developing and using creative mechanisms to convey complex messages.”  Marie Uhrich, SVP, Thrivent Financial

Speaking and workshops

“Sher presented a fantastic method to form stronger professional connections, and she taught me innovative techniques on how I can communicate more effectively.”  Bethany Connelly, Participant, Communicate with Confidence, Credibility and Power workshop

“Skip the coffee! When you invite Sher to present, you won’t need that jolt of caffeine. She has energy to spare. Her real-life examples and inviting style encouraged attendees to get engaged. Instead of a dry, corporate-style presentation, Sher had participants playing games and watching movie clips, all while learning valuable lessons about driving change. We look forward to welcoming her back very soon.”  Paulette Deane, Program Manager, IABC