Customer Stories

Consolidation, a new culture, and $8 million in savings

The challenge:  An engineering company decided to consolidate two of its business units, which included merging three separate departments across the United States into one. Each had existed for more than 10 years, with long-standing staff members and distinct cultures.

The approach:  We conducted a change readiness assessment, created a transition plan, and designed exercises and materials for a series of leader workshops. The purpose of the workshops was to define a joint vision for the department, define the type of culture the team wanted to build across locations, identify short- and long-term goals, redefine roles and responsibilities, and define metrics to measure progress.

The results: Based on the work we did:

  • Leaders collaborated to identify best practices from each location, saving $8 million dollars in the process.
  • The new culture became a hybrid of the original cultures, which reinforced the value of everyone’s contributions and work.  Morale improved across the new organization—and so did productivity.

An improved market position and double-digit growth

The challenge:  A Midwest manufacturing company hired one of the big five consulting firms to help develop a turn-around strategy to improve their position in the marketplace. This strategy became known as their Transformation Map Process, or T-Map for short. Although the senior leadership team embraced the T-Map, middle and front-line leaders were confused about how to translate the strategy into systems and processes that would motivate employees to change their behavior and actions.

The approach:  We launched a series of leadership events and all-employee meetings and created a leader’s kit, which included tools and information to align business unit and department objectives to the company-wide strategy. We even integrated their Lean Six Sigma and performance review processes to reinforce desired behavior and actions.

The results:  The company achieved a clear, unified focus with a measurable increase in awareness and energy around personal accountability.

  • Monthly T-Map metrics steadily improved because people understood how they could personally impact results.
  • The company achieved a 22% increase in billings and a 43% increase revenue over an 18-month period.

Darth Vader and the new CIO

The challenge: A new Chief Information Officer (CIO) heard through the grapevine that managers were concerned she was going to make changes that might adversely impact them. Her goal was to hold a special meeting with the 600 leaders to address these concerns and garner support for her initiatives.

The approach: We built her presentation around a Star Wars theme. The day of her presentation, she came out on stage and as she began to speak, the voice of Darth Vader resonated throughout the room, asking all the difficult questions that the managers were afraid to ask themselves. As the CIO bantered back and forth with Darth, she:

  • Addressed leadership concerns.
  • Made people laugh and feel comfortable in her presence.
  • Garnered the leadership support she wanted.

The results: The CIO received high marks for the meeting, including many comments of appreciation that she took the time to understand manager concerns and address them—and for her creative approach in doing so. Her reputation as an excellent and approachable leader continues to grow.