Every organizational change has two sides:  the project side and the people side. Even when your teams flawlessly execute the project side of change, success hinges on leadership participation and how fast, how well, and how effectively employees adopt new roles, behaviors, and actions.

Fact #1:  75% of IT projects fail because they do not achieve agreed upon business objectives, miss deadlines or come in over budget.

Fact #2:  Up to 70% of organizational transformations fail to achieve desired outcomes and targeted growth.

Fact #3:  Organizations that identify quantifiable objectives, focus on the people side, and integrate both sides of change with a structured, approach to change management are 6x more likely to deliver successful projects.

Integrate both sides of change in your organization for greater success

I will partner with your teams to provide a structured approach to change, using Prosci’s® proven, step-by-step change management methodology. The result?

  • Your leadership, project, human resources and communication teams will have written plans, information, and tools to manage the people side of change in your organization.
  • You will increase the probability of completing your project on time, within budget—and you will get the results you want.

Take a look at how I’ve helped other organizations get the results they want:  customer stories and leader endorsements.